Social Media Manager : How To Be REALLY Successful In SEO


My girlfriend is Social Media Manager and Content Marketing Manager as Freelance for several international brands in Croatia. She asked me today some advices to improve the SEO of one of her clients (I’m SEO Expert since 2009).

If you had to remember one rule as Social Media Manager, when embedded in missions with potential SEO impact, keep in mind one rule, the best trick ever:

Think for the user, start from when he wonder something, then when he makes a research in Google, to the moment you would like him to leave your website.
That’s best SEO practice ever. That’s how your SEO will work. The more your content will be appreciated, the more it may improve your SEO. Enrolled in a linkbuilding mission? Accept only links from high quality content!
That means, as Social Media Manager and Content Marketing Manager, spend almost all your time to IMPROVE CONTENT QUALITY and User Satisfaction / User Experience. And you know what? You’ve been hired for that, and you are very good at doing that, I’m sure 🙂

If this rule it too hard to follow, then do at least some easy optimisations:

Add the mains keywords naturally in the beginning of you Title, and put it also in the meta description, H1 and in the  main content at least one time in each of them is a good rule. One time is enough in most cases ! Put some variation of the targeted keyword in the body and in the H2, if you want.
Here is why. you should do some micro optimisation. READ THIS TO BE SMARTER, that will help you to understand why you should to do make some little semantic optimisations:
<Title> : you get found in Google because the users recognize that this page talk about what they are looking for. The same for Meta Description.
<H1> : Put it in it, so user knows that he is arrived in the good page, which talks about what he is looking for.

<Body> : So Google know for sure that you page talks about the main keyword you try to rank for.

Mariana asked my opinion about this article.

Here is one part of this article :

SEO magic happens when you identify one keyword to focus on, then put it in the trifecta of permalink, page title, and page description.

Please, don’t write this in 2015 and even less in 2016.

1/ SEO rules have changed, and there is, no more than before, any “magic” in SEO. If maths are magic, then SEO is magic. Until now, SEO is based on very complex algorithms, but no magic, please.

2/ URL trick doesn’t work, except for pictures, and in this case, it’s like 0,001 % important.

So, again :

Think for the user, start from when he wonders something, then when he makes a research in Google, up to the moment you would like him to leave your website.
Looking for some reliable informations about SEO? Start following Rand Fishkin advices, what he says is easy to understand. This guy deserve his popularity in the SEO community.